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So what is Lead Generation? Lead generation is converting “suspects”- people who have never heard of your business into “prospects”-people who have inquired about your business. At ACTION we have 73 different strategies to generate leads.

There are three major rules to follow in generating leads. First, you need to TEST and MEASURE how many leads you get from each marketing campaign. Second, you need to follow the AIDA principle, and third, you need to follow the WIIFM principle. TEST and MEASURE- You need to test which elements of your marketing are working and which are not.

Measuring your marketing results on a daily basis is a must.

AIDA – Every marketing piece should follow this acronym.

ATTENTION – Does the ad (namely the headline) grab your attention?

INTEREST – Does the ad generate the readers’ interest?

DESIRE – Does the ad build desire for your product?

ACTION – Does the ad prompt the reader to take action?

WIIFM – This acronym stands for “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

Think like you are the prospect and how you can help them. By following these three items you will turn your marketing costs from an expense into an investment.

Article written by Brand Sugars

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Fergus is a business coach and owner of ActionCoach franchise. He started his career out as a management accountant who completed his studies (B.Com Hons) at North West University. He then obtained his MBL degree in 1996 from the University of South Africa. As a provisionally licensed Senior Business Rescue Practitioner with CIPC, he has an impressive track record with ABSA, STANDARD BANK, and NEDBANK in successfully turning around and rescued companies in the hospitality, construction and services industries. Business Excellence Forum has named Fergus COACH OF THE YEAR. Various clients have been named category winners.